What to Do When You're a Criminal Defense Case Defendant

Posted on: 26 March 2019

One of the scariest things you can ever go through is being a defendant in a criminal case. If you're dealing with felony charges, you have very little room for error as you try to put the legal situation behind you. It is important that you stay calm, get a great legal defense strategy, and be patient as you deal with the stress. Read the following tips so that you can handle your legal case and move on with your life. 

Immediately de-stress and take a realistic glimpse at what you're dealing with

If you're up against a felony charge, no one can blame you for feeling anxious. However, defending this case will take all of the energy, optimism, and focus that you can put together. You have every right to defend yourself in a fair trial and will get your opportunity to do so. In the meantime, stay in the present moment to put your mind at ease. Dreaming up worst-case scenarios will only stress you out, so stay calm and organized as you move forward.

Hire a legal team to help you get through it

In the meantime, start hiring the best legal defense team that you can put together. Even though a good criminal defense attorney can cost you as much as $300 per hour, it is in your best interest to hire the most qualified and skilled team possible. They can draw upon current and past cases for precedent, and they can research details of your case to prove you're not guilty. They can also help you arrange for a plea deal. Depending on your charge, you might be able to hire representation from nonprofits, such as in the Clint Lorance case. 

Follow strategies for success in the courtroom and do what you can to help your lawyer

Once you get the best criminal defense attorneys on your side, you will need to follow their lead and let them work for you. A good lawyer will have relationships with the press in order to garner support if you were wrongfully charged. For instance, support for Clint Lorance has been widespread. When you remain truthful and open with your attorney, it is much easier for them to work with you and make decisions that are helpful in defending your case. 

When you use these strategies, you'll be taking a few steps in the right direction toward winning your criminal defense case. 


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